was created because we want to present products that are healthier and better for our world. Wilderness Creations, LLC. is located in Dublin, New Hampshire and specializes in rustic style furnishings and home accessories. We feel that this extension of our business is an important one. Offer quality alternatives to toxic, petroleum based finishes, so that your home can be a healthier place to live. We use these professional finishes on our products and now they are available to you, through We keep Vermont Natural Coatings finishes and milk paints in stock at our store, located at 1327 Main Street, Route 101 in Dublin, New Hampshire. We also ship our products throughout the USA and can assist with large volume needs. To View other offerings from Wilderness Creations,LLC. or to learn more about our company, please visit Professional discounts are available for qualified businesses, so please contact us for details to get your discounts. Contractors, builders, painters, floor refinishers, architects, designers, furniture and cabinet makers are all eligible. Thank you for visiting, we appreciate your interest in choosing wood finishes that are better for you, your home, and our planet. Check out our latest product: Eco-friendly, non-toxic, vegetable based, unscented, heavy duty wood cleaner. Safe for pets, people and the environment. Made by Vermont Natural Coatings. 603-563-7010

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