Pure Tung oil

Pure Tung Oil for a beautiful wood finish.
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Pure Tung Oil is a wood finishing material that creates a durable, flexible, and water resistant coating. This oil comes from the seeds of the Tung tree which grow well in China and South America. It resists marring and staining and stays elastic. Perfect for home, do it yourself projects as well as for large commercial projects. Brings out the natural beauty of woods. This non-toxic oil can be applied pure. The first coat of oil can be cut with all natural Citrus Solvant (available through EcoWoodFinish.com) for greater penetration. Pure Tung Oil is FDA approved for food contact, so it is a great choice for children's toys and furniture, as well as cutting boards and kitchen tables. More appealing than linseed oil for furniture finishing because it dries faster and does not darken as much over time. Pure Tung oil is a popular choice for log homes, decks and outdoor furniture. Can even be used as a rust inhibitor on metals or steel. Eco-safe.
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