Pure Tung Oil & Citrus Solvant Combo

Pure Tung Oil & Citrus Solvant Combo
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NEW - Pure Tung Oil is now available pre mixed, half and half, with Citrus Solvant! Save time and jump right into that project. If you are going to mix your pure tung oil for thinning and deeper penetration then this is the perfect choice. Great for projects of all sizes. Pure Tung Oil works well on Furniture, floors, cutting boards, kitchen tables, wood walls, log homes, instruments, concrete, metal, steel, outdoor decks and furniture. Tung oil penetrates, stays elastic, remains tough and resists water. This oil comes from the seed of the Tung tree and has been used for centuries in China. Tung oil has become a better choice over Linseed oil because it dries faster and does not darken as much over time.This is a wonderful, non toxic combination for use on many different products and surfaces. The number of coats required depends on the wood and the use, anywhere from 2 to 6 coats may be needed. If a coat is needed to renew the look and performance of the surface then it can be easily applied by rubbing in a tung oil/Citrus Solvant mixture. Pure Tung Oil is FDA approved for contact with food, therefor it is a great choice for children's toys and furniture, as well as cutting boards, counters, and dining tables.
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