Floor Finish Semi-Gloss

Floor Finish Semi-Gloss
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Environmentally safe semi gloss floor finish made from whey (a by product of cheese making). PloyWhey is very durable, two times the hardness of other water borne finishes. It is easy to use and cleans up quickly with soap and water. There are no toxic fumes to worry about, during or after application. Feel great knowing that you and your family will be safe from nasty toxins in your home. VOC content is less than 180 grams per liter. Dries in two hours or less so that you can recoat quickly and finish a job in one day, a fraction of the time of other finishes. Vermont Natural Coatings deliver more coverage than other brands, 500-600 square feet per gallon. PolyWhey can be applied over oil based stain or finish as well as other water based finishes. Make the safe and healthy choice for your floor finishing project. Manufactured using environmentally safe processes. Made in Vermont, USA.
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