Dark Raw Tung Oil

Create a water resistant coating with a beautiful antique patina, with Pure Dark Tung Oil.
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Dark Raw Tung Oil. Create a durable and beautiful protective coating with this oil. It has an antique patina and can be worked into cracks and corners. Dark Raw Tung Oil can be thinned up to 50% with mineral spirits, citrus solvant, turpentine or naphtha. Thinning will improve dry time and oil penetration. You can also mix the Dark with the pure tung oil to lighten the appearance. Each coat will create a darker appearance. Let dry for 24-48 hours. Two to four coats are typically sufficient for decorative and panelling projects. Areas that receive moderate to heavy use could need up to six coats or until the wood is saturated. Dark Raw Tung oil contains no detectable levels of PCB and is non carcinogenic. It contains a resinous hydrocarbon that is naturally occuring. For a lighter color appearance try 100% Pure Tung Oil.
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